The official video for XV’s “Awesome”!
Directed by Chris Cullari

© 2012 WMG
Purchase XV’s “Awesome” EP available on iTunes NOW!
Download XV’s “Popular Culture” Mixtape Here
Awesome EP Coming Soon!

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  • As an SP fan im never forgetting this oh my god

  • Why hasn't he blown up yet? 🤔

  • Xv and futuristic should collabe

  • in loving memory, is it ok that i made a version of this song with my producer 3 years later?

  • I didn't come because of 2k, I came because I actually love this song.

  • the beat is on nice point is just SO AWESOME!!

  • I know your gonna make it man ! Even though this was years ago!

  • No one cares that you came from 2k12. I'm here because I actually like the song

  • I remember when I first heard this song years ago. It was in this Verizon commercial and it took me two damn months to finally track it down and I was stoked that it was just a real song the commercial only played it for a second towards the end and I barely caught the lyrics…

  • man this song back in the day oooh

  • I was looking up xvideos on the internet and just typed xv and found myself on YouTube on a song from 5 years ago

  • Holy shit I just came across this a realized it's from 2k12. Nostalgic af

  • 6 years ago TODAY this video was released, lmao still a good ass song even after all this time.


  • This was the best song in 2k12, the memories 😭🙏

  • i found this cuz of hollowpoiint

  • I came back in 2017 and it only got 1 million views🤦🏽‍♂️

  • nah nah who watchin in 2017? lol i have a song thats inspired by this one and i love it cuz we’re both from Kansas

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