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Video Kecelakaan Pencurian Kebakaran Kasus Lucu Hantu


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  • when you poured fresh water in the glass, it didn't dissolve, so the water just went on top

  • I think you make Americans love Russians

  • "From the white stuff"


  • In Soviet Union eggs crack you

  • Let's play Russian roulette…. with EGGS !

  • cool experiments and tricks!!!

  • Which science experiments is your favorite

  • 3:14 When u hit the bong to hard

  • Woow this video is awsome dud at: 1:32 i dident expected the egg just came out like that tomorrow i got to try is so cool

  • How come u have 2 channels crazy Russian hacker and Taras kul with the same intro

  • Like εαν ηρθες απο daz cooking

  • 3:26 new way of smoke: through an egg in a glass bottle

  • 7:09 now I'm going to salt water beaches.

  • Man first time I heard him cuss

  • What an eggstravagant load of egg eggsperiments

  • I've been watching you since I was 11

  • feeling sorry to say but picking up egg yolks with a bottle isnt a science experiment

  • I heard cork each time he said crack…

  • Scientifically, the egg in a field of denser water, (the pure water) and the salty water is above it.

  • A real magnet costs 50 Million….. Taka.

  • I never saw anyone try to bong hit an egg before.

  • What the meaning of headphones on his head?

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