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10 – Kahlua and Milk Bar Trick – Density Experiment

9 – Dry Ice Bubbles – Science Experiments

8 – Mercury (II) Thiocyanate Decomposition – Chemical Reaction

7 – How to Remove a Ring From a Swollen Finger

6 – Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher – Science Experiment

5 – How to Open a Can with Your Bare Hands – Zombie Survival Tips #28

4 – Self Freezing Coca Cola

3 – Amazing Bubble Science Experiment

2 – How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

1 – 2 Pounds of Dry Ice Experiment

Video Kecelakaan Pencurian Kebakaran Kasus Lucu Hantu


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  • I like him because he is Russian

  • when he's said that's what she said I laughed

  • you know you can wax with a candle or apply some Vaseline to the inside edges of new shoes to prevent getting blisters

  • He is cool but i took him like 50 hours to open dat can men

  • When he opens the can with his hands its look like he got 💩 on

  • all we need is candle and-"watches everything fall"-and blower

  • sow im goanna gowab this
    (im gonna grab this)

  • 5:05 i was daydreaming and thought he said something else

  • Can I do the shoe candle experiment with t shirts

  • "Brain Freeze "…. Burb 😂😂

  • The can you can just scap it agianst the concreat

    * BBM : D893AF47

  • i absolutely LOVE your videos you are awesome

  • i can make anything waterproof now

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