Ever been short some money at the cash register? Today I sent my kids to get ice cream with a very limited amount of money to see what would happen. This video was shared to facebook from Solflo under “Faith In Humanity Restored”

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This video was inspired by a news story that can be seen here:

Taking Kids Dumpster Diving:
Taking Money From Homeless People:
Business Inquiries:

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Film by: OmarGoshTV All Rights Reserved and protected against unauthorized use.

Video Kecelakaan Pencurian Kebakaran Kasus Lucu Hantu


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  • I was 6 cent short in a shop and he would not give me back anything my friend had to to give me a €1

  • once I was on a bus I saw an old lady soon as I saw got up and offered her the seat and she give my £5 I said no so many times and she said take it 😂 and felt bad at the same time 😄

  • Today I saw a cashier spot for 60 cents or so, and why are they giving more than $100 freaking dollars

  • Omg that first lady was so sweet!! How nice:)

  • Kid: Your so kind
    Worker : I know

  • Me: I have 3 dollars

    GameStop worker: ok here for free

    Me: gives 3,000 dollars

  • if you want something you should have the right cash however in my rules id it's under by 3p then let it go

  • My friend was short 16 cents and the cashier was cool about it 😚

  • 20,000$ ROLEX

    ME …. is 30 bucks ok?

  • Little girl: Your so kind.
    Worker: I knowwww!

  • i gave 20$ to a person that worked at macdonalds because i was 30$ short…do the math

  • When ever i Am Of a dollor of a few cents people still give it to me and tell me to not worry

  • Okay but I'm sure you can tell if the person who's asking for something and then after they say oh I'm short about __$ is able to afford it or not. Especially teenagers who jokingly pull a stunt like this.

  • Try this with a full grown man and let's watch how different the response is.

  • Not everyone is bad. Sometimes these random neighbors of mine would buy me ice cream when I was like 5 because I used to stare at the ice cream truck with so much longing. 😞. I love being a kid and getting things for free

  • Bro i went to the candy store and it was 5 dollars and i had 2 dollars and he let me keep it

  • In islam do good and never look back. Allah will reward you in return.

  • its funny how people 100 years ago were really kind and today their all greedy

  • This is not 50 cents this is a dollar

  • "Is there any reward for Good other than Good?"Q:55 V:60 … May Allah make it easy for us to do good & to be good.

  • I had to buy lunch at my school canteen and I was down five cents from everything but the lollies so I had no lunch:(

  • Look, if you are going to buy something look at the menu and the PRICE if don't have enough, walk away simple

  • Omar u looking like a rtared dodooo

  • There's a difference between being 50 cents off and $2.05 off

  • This is awesome of you Omar!! ❤️❤️

  • We need more people like this! Im crying so much!

  • I work as a cashier and I would get in trouble if I did this more than once. If my cash float is down by more than £1 by the end of the day I'll be bad for me. But once in a while is ok

  • That African girl on the last ones wave is so cute fauthvin humanity restored.
    BTW not trying to be racict but I didn't know her race

  • I shocked to see that this videos has dislikes too. Sucks

  • Whenever I watch videos I scroll through the comments I always get to a part in video and the comment I'm reading matches what I'm watching lol

  • Be kind……..
    There is no worse word than this.
    I am still waitting for the "good" to return back to me.

  • Today I went to Starbucks and Tim Hortons and I bought some coffee , cake pops , Choco chip cookies , etc. But I payed for them and I left them in the restaurant and said give these to the next homeless person that comes in here for free.

  • great people out there hugs 🚓

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