The Stanford Prison Experiment Trailer 1 (2015) Ezra Miller Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  • Boy wtf if I was a prisoner with my boys and they try to do some shit like that, best believe as soon as we finish the experiment I'm pulling up to your house right after with gun

  • the flash being torture by he's father

  • The thing I don't like about the trailer are trumpets they sound kind of weak

  • Watching this for my Psychology class. Super excited.

  • My AP Psychology teacher was just talking about this today and its on Netflix.

  • Alters what happened in the experience quite a bit but that's the only way to sell it

  • Ah, human nature, just let them lock for a few hours and then, you will see the real thing

  • Did he really have a former inmate on site to make sure it was authentic? Probably should have had a corrections officer too for balance.

  • some one give me the link movie , i can't find it because it is die

  • Ummm okay…. so that chick who said "these aren't real prisoners they're just kids" and completely against it, why the fuk wouldn't she just call the PO PO ? (police) omfg, simple as that, kids free, other cnts in jail for the sick sht they did END OF MOVIE…

  • you thought it was going to be a great time in the yard boy well your wrong never judge a book by its cover

  • Why is it being shown as a horror movie?

  • "Chilling, riveting, powerful, filmed in an old classroom"

  • Anyone here from Prison Lab manga?

  • I wanna watch this film, because from what I can see it's closer to the original experiment than the other film versions and it focuses more on the psychological horror than the physical horror, like the german version from 2001.

  • The prisoners didn't even try to hurt the guards in real life?
    i mean in prison they were clearly submitted but outside there aren't chains and truncheons nobody even try to punch or threaten some guards?

  • there is already a movie made THE EXPERIMENT

  • We were shown this today in our psychology class and damn isn't it disturbing. The actors so good that you forget it's a movie and think that it's the real experiment. I love it.

  • The Flash met Scott Summers,Minho,and Alex Standall

  • I came here for ezra miller !! Love him

  • the idea is stolen from "das Experiment"

  • people take the roles given to them. the Inmates took on an inmate persona and the guards well they did what anyone does with power, They abuse it.

  • Nobody died on real life… Oh hi Zimbardo !

  • One of the best films I have seen story wise, great psychological movie

  • Reminds me of 2010's "The Experiment"

  • I don't understand why 8612 didnt send help for the other guys!?

  • Wow, it’s wild to think that John Wayne, the most predatory guard, actually voted against being a guard to begin with.

  • This movie was really good that it made so mad at certain guards. I was so pissed, damn I hated this certain guard OMG

  • the acting looks fucking terrible

  • This movie is good y’all should watch

  • So this is actually Das Experiment but then college version.

  • Smh. That experiment that happened in the 70s. Smh fuck those dickhead guards. Should have gotten beat theirselves

  • The real experiment was fucked up, I'm imagining that this movie will be worse, of course.

  • First this, then the Stanford Rapist. Not surprising

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