“From The Pinnacle To The Pit” is taken from Meliora, released August 21, 2015 via Loma Vista Recordings

Directed By: Zev Deans
VFX & Animation Director: Madeline Quinn Papa Emeritus III scenes shot by LAVETTE FILM Story by Zev Deans & Ghost Art Direction and Design: Zev Deans, with the assistance of Madeline Quinn
Editing: Zev Deans
Animation: Madeline Quinn & Zev Deans
Finale shot inspired by the work of Zbyszek Bielak

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Music video by Ghost performing From The Pinnacle To The Pit. (C) 2015 Seven Four Entertainment, LLC and Concord Music Group, Inc. d/b/a Loma Vista Recordings.

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  • i want to show you something….oh no its not free wiener Wednesday is it?…..

  • Love this song! After watching the live vid of this where the bass ghoul jumps on the speaker to kick it off with that killer bass-line…amazing performers and such an awesome band.

  • LOVE the educational short "Act Your Age" used in the video…hilarious!

  • On this night we mourn the end of an era, and celebrate the dawn of a new one

  • How am I just now hearing this band

  • Like the New Misfits??? No Foocking Way!!!

  • nothing worse than getting an ad for a Mexican rapper on a ghost music video……

  • 0:35 – Top notch video editing, guys.

  • The sound of bass is fuckin sick <3

  • Okay, the song and video are amazing but we have to admit the Demi-Surge looks extremely cheesy.

  • God dammit, this song bugs the CRAP out of me

  • Cruciger globus
    You stand your ground
    The orbus figure
    From the pinnacle
    To the pit

  • So I just started to finally listen to Ghost… My first impression before I listened would be based on their image, that they would sound deep and very ancient goth and voodoo esk. I love King Diamond so I was kinda wanting so assume they would credit that sound… nope! They are interesting yet restricted to their full potential I feel.. like i said, this is MY Opinion. I saw the mix genre of Doom, Heavy metal and Psychedelic. I totally agree. Still disappoints me though thay they are not representing the sound their image presents..

  • Heard this from my babe and I love it

  • this song sounds like Alice and Chains had a baby with some other band but I can't put my finger on what band that is… Ideas?

  • I`ve needed some new music, Ghost fills a hole….

  • Get all your Ghost music here:

    Buy all your “ghost & Papas” shirts here:

  • Bioshock? SERIOUSLY??? Millenials, smh… Go fucking watch Fritz Lang's Metropolis And The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. And then some more German expressionism. NOW.

  • bax azerbaycandan gelir seni s*ikerem

  • You know a really random thing I always thought when watching this video, is they simulated the acceleration of gravity very well at 3:01. Very immersive.

  • We all know that the bass is awsome

  • Zlad is a much better band. Check out their song 'Antipope', so much better than this shit.

  • That bass intro… fucking deliciousssss

  • My first Ghost song. I love the bass at 0:000:10.

  • Was expecting black metal. These guys are the most awkward muse clone thus far.

  • Rotwang and masonic rites initiation

  • will ghost will come back soon whatever who made they and the money they won?

  • are you being symbolikly in truth what you show in this clip?me too like several others things >:)> thanks ghost to decrease my loneliness feelings…..

  • c'est comme sa que papa est née

  • "What's flat looks round…" Flat Earth confirmed?

  • "The mediator between head and hands must be the heart."

  • Lol I remember when I used to listen to this band all the fucking time. Now I'm more into Mike Pattons bands, ghost honestly just bored me to death after a few months.

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