The Islam has been under huge scrutiny lately and is often criticised for being an aggressive religion… but what about Christianity?
In this video we disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of it’s most gruesome verses to the people. This is what they had to say.

De laatste tijd ligt de Islam enorm onder vuur. Wij vroegen ons af… is dat wel terecht?
In deze video namen we de proef op de som door een Bijbel te vermommen als Koran en te kijken in hoeverre we in het Westen bevooroordeeld zijn over verschillende religies.

Presentator: Sacha Harland (
Producent: Alexander Spoor (

Bedankt Jeroen de Wijs van ‘Kruimel TV’ voor het voorlezen in deze video!

Check zijn kanaal hier:

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Video Kecelakaan Pencurian Kebakaran Kasus Lucu Hantu


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  • Christians dont cut hands off in real life, muslims do! Christians dont supress woman, muslims do! Christians dont do terrorist attacks, muslims do! Dont look at a book look at reality

    leftist fagg's

  • I would love to see Jimmy Kimmel do a version of this video so we would have it in English. I'm afraid too many Americans that need to watch this video would not because it's in German.

  • I wish to make this experience in Brazil

  • Can anyone quote those verses from the Bible?

  • Don't judge the book by it's cover.Islam is a peaceful religion and terrorism has no place in Islam.White super powers create terrorists and people blame Muslims..God help humanity

  • Nice take at shaking the narrative the media has everyone believe…

  • Thank You for making this video.. Thanks Alot. Trust me Muslims hate ISIS AND ALL THOSE SHITTY PEOPLE MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD. They have made all of us look like criminals. I see the way people look at me when i am walking around. Sometimes i just dont feel like going out. ISIS doesnt represent us. They dont represent even .0001% of what is said in Quran. U want to know islam read quran once. Dont follow what is shown in media.

  • We may not be able to rewrite Bible or Koran, however there are a whole lot of very very positive spiritual books in our world today and I am grateful. Let us create awareness about those genuinely good works out there that teach only good things.

  • Horrible video not a fair representation! Cherry picking!

  • this is what you get when you allow the church to dictate how you read your bible and what parts of it. You then have no knowledge of the parts that you would find repulsive. You will also be less likely to see the truth and wake up meaning you take money away from the church tax free money for their greedy pedophile preachers.

  • Of course these disgusting verse are never taught to children but they are part of this fucking religion. But you can't cheryy pick which ever you like. You accept it or reject it completely.

  • Do this in Iran. It would be fun.

  • Islam is the most dangerous ideology on this fuckin planet , watch out folks

  • "The bible has a lot of positive things in it" Like what exactly? Don't judge a book by its cover on point!

  • Dit experiment is misleidend. Er worden teksten los geciteerd (los van de context  van het gedeelte waarin ze staan). Een beschrijvende tekst wordt gelezen als een gebod: „En gij zult eten de vrucht van uw buik, het vlees van uw zonen en van uw dochters” (Deut. 28:53). Dat suggereert alsof God dit gebiedt, terwijl het gaat om de goddeloosheid van het volk.
    Een tweede fout is dat ze de verschillende teksten aan elkaar plakken. Een citaat uit het Nieuwe Testament (1 Tim. 2: 12) met een oudtestamentische tekst uit een heel andere context (Deut. 25:11). 
    De Bijbel is totaal anders dan de Koran. Ze roept op om God lief te hebben boven alles en je naaste als jezelf (Marcus 12: 30 en 31)!

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