Quinceanera Surprise Dance.

For this Awesome Quince we used part of Matt Steffanina’s Trap Queen routine requested by our Quinceanera.


Back It Up – Prince Royce
Trini Dem Girls – Nicki Minaj
Trap Queen – Fetty Wap


Fairytale Dances
323.715.4555 – 562.260.2737

Video Kecelakaan Pencurian Kebakaran Kasus Lucu Hantu


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  • My quince is coming up soon and idk what songs to do 😬 this is one of the best dances I've seen and I love the outfits might use this out fit with adidas shoes

  • mix. Awesome surprise dance. ouinceahera 💜

  • My sister is doing her 15 at that hall😀

  • I love this quincianera she is cute

  • Is there any way possible to find the remix of the first song, thank you

  • my sister is having her 15 soon and I need a  choreographer  to show them the dances  do you guys come to oxnard

  • what salon is that it looks cute

  • if you travel MEANING can you come at north Carolina? and how much will it cost?

  • I'm having a quinceañera this fall and I love the first song to this video, it would be perfect for my surprise dance, could you please email this song to me, I showed it to my dj and he can't find one like this. My email is

  • I love this dance so much. It stood out from the other ones. I might use the outfits shown in this video. My quince is in a year and in planning already. Any song ideas? Also how can I get this remix? I fell in love with it

  • Is there a way you email me the first song. My email is Thanks

  • Honestly, this is one of the best ones I've seen so far.

  • do you think you could send me the same remix?

  • This is awesome choreography my quince is coming up and is there any way you could email me the remix of the songs

  • this is ah great awesome dance but u didnt smile have the dances.

  • muy bien bailaron con ganas mucho animo eso es bueno 😉

  • my 15 is in 3 years but I love this so much 😍😍

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