The viral ghost story “Dear David”. A popular artist posts about his unusual nightmares about a scary ghost boy, and then begins to experience real ghost encounters. He even manages to get some of the encounters caught on camera!

Adam Ellis’ Twitter, featuring his supposedly real ghost story:

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  • I thought the thumbnail was baby hitler

  • I'm really blive in ghost bcz I see one ghost girl in my house she is 17 year old.. nd her one side face nd half body burn fire …she just say help help plzz ..that time am really very scared

  • Okay its bad enough the cats swatting at something that isn't there…. BUT THE CATS STANDING UP

  • Sage you apartment. BTW: Love the 3 legged cat and Really nice apartment!

  • Real or nah.. This is one creepy effin story!! 😱😵👻🙏👀👀🇱🇷

  • Just the suspense of David not answering gives me the spooks..


  • I had a long period of nightmares to a few years ago.. I really feel like i should not tell but i will do it anyway. First of, it was a nightmare of someone who is still alive (don't know if he still is though) It was about a severely handicapped boy (mental handicap) his appearance already creeped me out and i didn't want to touch him.

    Ok.. here is the story.

    So i was a taxidriver who brought kids to school kids mostly who had ''something'' why they couldn't travel on their own. The first encounter with the boy was in 2011, i was so creeped out by him that i only driven that route ONCE i refused to do it again. Afcourse i didn't say that to my employer cause he would've thought i was insane, so i put it to something else.

    The next encounter was a schoolyear later, September 2012, the same school as you know. Only i drove different kids to that same school. The boy was still there and creeped me out as usual. Later (in October) i had my first dream/nightmare about him. I dreamed that i was on the schools playground together with some other people, the most of the drivers where standing outside the gate. I saw the boy creeping towards me from a distance, i shouted GO AWAY NOW! But he didn't, when he came to close i took out my pistol (even though i never carry weapons in real life, it is illegal here to do so) and emptied the whole round in him cause he was going to attack me. So he died, other drivers teachers shouted before i shot (don't do it NOO!!) and as i emptied it and put my gun down, he fell to the ground and people where coming to me in despair and asked why. Then the dream ended.

    Second dream was really scary to me, now that he was dead (in my dreamworld that is!) i first thought i wouldn't have any fear no more. But it turned out i was sorely mistaken. He haunted me in my dreams, taunted me.. I dreamed of him running after me and i was so piss scared ran away like hell, afraid that he would catch me. There where i few dreams i could actually kick back (back then i was getting into lucid dreaming, i wanted to stop this) One of the dreams was when a female teacher took me to her office to talk about the problems with the boy.. I said he is the devils bastard child or something, some demonic filth that happened to infiltrate our world. Then the bitch said, there is nothing to be afraid of and opened the door of the office… NOO!! So i backed in the corner and kicking this bastard as hard as i could while the teacher was screaming like she was possessed… FUCK!!

    I will try and shorten this up.. the third dream was the most scary of them all.. He caught me and wanted to take me to his demonic bunker.. it was your average DooM like bunker grey concreed in a mountain like figure but a square entrance.. Like a temple, it had a upside down pentagram on it, you know 1 point pointing down, 2 pointing up. The symbol of satan written in blood on there. Afcourse i refused to go there, the bastard was so evil he gripped my by my ankle, looked at me, he had no pupils or color in his eyes. Just white eyeballs. Luckily i woke up before he took me there..

    Luckily that was i believe the last dream, later i had some ghostly encounters. Like electronic stuff turning on and stuff. But i had the feeling i was losing my mind. The last encounter was the fucking scariest.. Note this was late in 2013! In June 2013 i believe. I was going to sleep around 23:00 am i believe. I was barely in my bed while i suddenly heard walking downstairs and i believe ''his'' voice. I was terrified, but i wanted to be no longer scared! So i took a baseballbat like object and ran downstairs, yelling stuff like ''think im scared?! Im gonna smash your fucking teeth in now! Motherfucker'' But afcourse there was nobody there.. Full of adrenaline i was gonna go back up, but when i reached the third step, suddenly a hard knocking on the backdoor window ''bam bam bam!'' i was furious and stormed back to look ready to swing a homerun on his face! I yelled ''come on then come on then'' at the door, even the motionlight was one but i saw nothing!! My parents came down, worried afcourse about me saying what is it?! I was saying ''he… he was here!!''

    I asked them the next morning, didn't you hear the loud knocking?! They said no.. i really thought i was going crazy. But i know what i heard,seen (seen in my nightmares) and felt..

    Luckily no more signs of him after that, and i rarely have ghostencounters or that kind of stuff no more. But boy, remembering this and especially sharing it now here.. It sure brings back memories. And it scares me everytime i remembered it. I've oppressed it for so long, i will get back to it as soon as i finish this comment.

    If you read all of this, thank you. And i hope you found this story interesting/entertaining.

  • This one really scared me because I suffer from Sleep Paralysis. Its really scary. People who never experience it can never understand how terrifying it can be! Unable to move or control breathing. Its really a living nightmare.

  • This was like a creepypasta video (shivers)


  • And i subscibed and liked just to let you know

  • Plus the kitchen light is now on………..Maybe his mate he gave a key to to do this was having a coffee whilst he knocked the ornament off the wall from the other side……………….load of bollocks

  • David is like Freddy Krueger

  • Though I think it's fake doing some research tells me that Demons can mimic as in look and act like a little kid but whatever I thought it was interesting.

  • Cats aren't good at moving into new locations my cats also did that, just stare at doors and scream their heads off that's completely normal for them they're just trying to get used to the area. This is also why Lions typically hang out in a single area.

  • That little "boy" or ghost or WHATEVER it is gives me the "Heebee-Geebees"!

  • Ask him why are u doing this to me go the church and get some one the help u get the spirit out of ur way

  • Plothole

    Didnt say dear david on 3rd question


    If he takes a picksuer and its black same would hapen with recordings


    You couldnt take a picksure when you cant move


    You wouldnt leve your cats home alone when you go on holiday


    The chair was moved by wind

    Plothole 6

    Tings faling ranomly is normal

    Plothole 7

    Ov corece you wouldnt see a fly


    He didnt put the turtle shel back up


    Its staged

  • Cats are magic beings that can see ghosts and dogs can to us humans can only see them if we A. Have a dream or B. The ghost is trying its hardest to have a non tranceparant form

  • i`ve had paralisys twice, experts says its a psychological problem caused by stress, bus that psychological issue took the sheets out off my back, and felt its heavyness upon my bed and my back

  • What's with the stupid erie music… It doesn't help the validity, at all… Actually just makes it seem faker than what it is… Like you're trying to convince/persuade us into believing this crap to be real.

  • Nuke.. It's awesome if youre the one who tell as the story of dear david.. Than following him in a Twitter.. Hehehe.. Your story telling is great. I wished it has a part 2☺

  • Sleep paralysis is a serious thing. I've experienced it several times. It's been a long since the last time but the bruises on a hand getting there themselves is totally accurate too. My boss and his mom had visitors, they werw talking about a dead person and they both felt something on the hand at the same time. They looked at their hands and they had bruises, like it was made by some claws.

  • Adam Ellis actually added more to this last night, how he had another dream about David and this time he could move some and grabbed his phone and started taking pictures. The pictures are on his twitter and they're really fuckign creepy

  • Scariest thing is getting past the thumbnail

  • Dear David my arse, my cats do the same thing late at nights it's because they wana go out side to shit and explore.

  • They should make it into a film

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