The Best Videos of the Week are here! It’s been another amazing week of ordinary people doing extraordinary things here on People are Awesome. This compilation features skimboarding, base jumping, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and much more! Thanks to all the amazing people who submitted their epic videos this week!

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TIEDIE – Sway (Artist Intelligence Agency)

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  • like 👍👏👏👏👋🍁🎇

  • That little girl has got some talent!!

  • Holly that young freeruning Girl😂

  • That girl doing parkour looked like she was 12!

  • Das kleine parkour mädchen ist besser als amadei 😂

  • everyone has awesome inside of them, even if it is just a bit

  • Me: you know what! this kind of makes me wanna walk around!!
    goes to kitchen gets chocolate and lays back down
    Me: much better!!

  • make a winter 2017 one plz

  • The Korean woman really doesn't belong in this vid, the bloke noticed he was going to get kicked in the face and moved his head back slightly so she didn't connect. If you notice these "people are awesome" vids, could easily be called "men are better than women at everything, by leaps and bounds" and they would still have the same effect.

    I will concede and give you the 1 thing women are better at than men, giving birth. You win that hands down

  • thumbs up to girls especially

  • prior dramatic efficient congressional year chance permanent painting state.

  • The skate park at the end is really close to me.

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