The official video for Caro Emerald’s ’The Ghost Of You’ is here! Enjoy!
Original taken from the EMERALD ISLAND EP.

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Written by David Schreurs, Vincent Degiorgio
Produced by David Schreurs, Jan van Wieringen
Motion Graphics Artist: Roel Meijering
Art Director: Donald Roos
VFX Creative Director: Dennis Kleyn, NVX
Director of Photography: Joris Kerbosch, NSC
Producer: Gwynne Wallace
Make Up: Joelle Romita, Styling: Renske Cramer, Focus Puller: Pancsi Puts, Gaffer: Michel Ijzerman.

‘The Ghost Of You’ is part of the ‘EMERALD ISLAND EP’ released March 2017.

(c) + (p) 2017 Grandmono Records.

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  • oh yes………… now i get to cry over this song again but in hd

  • Yes, definitely enjoying the Bond vibe!!

  • I just love your old fashioned style, that melancholic mood. Please never stop making your GOOD music!

  • es clasica esta cantante 😇 , grettings from Chile

  • FUCK YEAH wonderful song! amazing music video as well Miss Emerald (:

  • Caro Caro Caro amazing! We need you stateside! It's been to long time, hurry back please

  • After this track feeling like 90 and falling asleep… seems there's hardly any limit to retro, vintage and aged old stuff

  • Dark jazz at its best! 💘 you Caro Emerald, thanks to you I discovered the amazing electroswing world and big family! 🎺🎷🎸😍😍😍

  • Does anyone know the lyrics? I can't find it 🙁

  • Absolutly love this song. Its so good. Please never stop making music.

  • Love thus song!Goes with halloween

  • this song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Não sei como vim parar aqui, mas tô muito grata por isso!

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