Halo takes place hundreds of years in the future, and set in a sci-fi future of advanced technology, but is the future really that far away? Today we look at some exoskeleton power suits that resemble the power of the Spartan power armor!
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  • Well, you could watch this video, it go watch one of the earliest game theory episode covering almost the same things.

  • So that liquid is like oobleck

  • Honestly, the Trojan is pretty damn cheap for what it's offering. 40lbs of weight spread though the body (pretty light), extremely impact resistant, and only $2k is a pretty good set up. If combined with the hardening liquid armor that you mentioned at #3, it could easily be a practical option for soldiers in the real world. Sure, it would be bulky, but that's an unavoidable problem with armor.

  • Trojan could be the first ODST ARMOR

  • The Trojan suit would be great for the end

  • There all awesome but id rather be a standard marine i love the look the original marine from combat evolved had that monocle was so cool ^_^

  • You know whats cool? ODST drop pods without parachutes in this time

  • Look up the new S.A.S helmet. It is basically halo spartan armour.

  • I think I read somewhere that nobody is actually purchasing the Trojan armour

    Can't remember why

  • Hey guys the second power suit was actually used in the movie "Edge of Tomorrow," or more commonly known as "Live Die Repeat."

  • #3.. talos. Is what the Marines in halo have.

  • Don't think spartan armour will be a thing of our life time maybe the next generation can fuck around with it

  • They should combine the visor talos and the Trojan

  • There is no grammar in this dojo.

  • By the time my children are born and even after they die we still won’t have spartan armor

  • The liquid Armour reminds me more of Crysis.

  • They should make a halo fan fiction contest and shed some light on some halo fan fictions

  • I think real life spartan armor isn't going to be as amazing as the armor in halo but will be very close.

  • It would probably take hundreds of years to make. With the energy shield.

  • Why not mix the trojan suit with that exoskeleton

  • 0:26 Not to mention jetpacks (Kinda….)
    (I looked it up on msn, a British dude technically used one to go over a lake not too long ago…)

  • Duuuuuuuuude….
    The Navy SEAL's seriously need the last one

  • Battle riifle?…LOL WHAT? Dont you mean an assault rifle?

  • So, what this basically tells me is that we could create essentially a functional suit of ODST armor today, provided that was the projects specific aim and the funding was assured. I'd say this would put things on track for something like SPI in say 30, and maybe Mjolnir-esque stuff eighty years down the line. Unfortunately, it runs into the same thing the spartans did in Halo, who wants to fund this? Currently most first world militaries seem to lean more towards drone based warfare, which isn't a bad thing overall, but alas, what's cool often isn't what's practical.

  • 4:10 he made a joke on Trojan condoms by saying built for maximum protection lmao

  • That is awesome maybe we will have spartan armour someday….

  • number 2 looks like the standard issued helmet marines would get in halo 1

  • You think I could go through that or ?


  • Lol now this??? Thank god i unsubscribed a long time ago this cannel has gone down so bad

  • 2:43 and I’m done. If you can’t be bothered to pronounce words correctly then you obviously don’t care about your work. Kevlar is said ‘Kev’ ‘Lar’. If you can’t say it right than don’t say it at all. At least the British changed how to spell aluminum before changing the pronunciation.

  • This shit is old news man stop uploading shit just to upload. why your damn channel is shit now

  • #4 call of duty advanced warfare exo suits
    #1 shoot it with a .50 cal lol

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