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  • Here's my Non-Spoilery Justice League Reaction. Once you have a chance to see it post your reactions in the comments. The collective blood pressure of the fandom will drop below heart-attack levels shortly. The characters were amazing. You will be very hype for Aquaman and The Flash movie after this. More Flash posting this weekend!

  • I loved the movie! But my girlfriend, who's just a casual movie goer, found that it was a bit too fast as if it was forced to be just 2 hours long. But as a comic fan, i love how they referenced a lot of things from the comics.

  • With proper set up movies like Wonder Woman a two hour runtime wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Now they will bring 50mins cut on the release of blu rau

  • I loved the film! It was so much fun

  • I loved the film! It was so much fun

  • You can easily tell which scenes were reshoots lol

  • Superman fights justice league, steppen wolf gets fire ax broke and parademons attack him, the end

  • u dint say one thing about Cyborg no Cyborg movie?daymn was he even in Justice League smh u gotta do better man.

  • It was awesome badass movie I have ever seen

  • You didn’t mention cyborg one time?! Why

  • How did Superman finds his suit as he came back from the grave and how did Stephenwolf learn to speak English so fast?

  • It's not enough if it's just the characters.

  • I loved this movie. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be and I enjoyed this movie thoroughly.

  • Just watched it and I am totally geeking out this movie is a w e s o m e

  • Watched it today. I WANT the extended directors cut version. I don’t give a damn if it’s 4 hours. Can’t believe they didn’t allow it to at least be 2.5 hours.

  • Batfleck is the worst batman ever , he makes so many stupid decisions in the movie , does nothing much in big fights. And has no smart brains like Batbale

  • Didn't say much about cyborg…

  • The ruined the film, absolute load of bullshit, acting was terrible, film was too short, corny lines omg!!

  • Superman = Captain America
    Batman/Bruce Wayne = Ironman/Tony Stark
    Wonder Woman = Black Widow
    Aquaman = Thor
    Flash = Spider-Man
    Cyborg = Hulk

    Originality is dead. Long live the carbon copiers!!!

  • I think it’s time you changed the images where you ask to subscribe that states 1 million subscribers , currently you are at two million subscribers. Just saying.

  • Hello,
    Without spoiling anything, I️ can relay my biggest disappointment: the villain and his motivation wasn’t clear. I️ heard dark side mentioned once.

  • It's ok. I liked the Flash, he needs his own movie though. WW was fantastic and some other guy shows up and steals the show. The villain was generic AF and I still enjoyed this less than Thor: Ragnarok. I hope the director's cut is longer and more fleshed out.

  • This is how i can tell most of you are SHEEP.

    You all copy and paste the same complaints about the movie, as in you literally use the same wording as some of the popular haters.

    You all seem to use the words, you call the visuals diarrhea. Like ive seen that phrase 100s of times now after seeing someone else use it first.

    None of you are even original in ur comments.

    The other thing you people seem to go on about if how the cgi or visuals caused ur eyes to bleed or give you cataracts. The over exergration is astounding.

    And the third thing ive seen about a million times this week is the biggest proof that you sheep let the media influence you in such a big way that you let the media bascially tell you how to think.

    My proof is that after all the BS articles and hounding of ben afleck about if he is going to stay as batman, you sheep have constantly written that ben afleck sucked the fun out of the movie for you and that if he wanted out it showed in his sour mood during the movie.

    Well you absolute fools, he was filming this movie years ago after bvs had finished, and he only got this media hounding recently, so how does he look like he dosnt want to be there then. You just took what the media have drilled into you and placed it into ur own assessment of his preformance. 

    Typical sheep mentality. Have none of you seen the behind the seens footage of ben afleck looking like he was having fun on the set, or his interactions with his castmates.

    But no you people who love to think you are seperate from the media and can think for urself are totally wrapped up in the media because you are sheep. 

    Its like you are all reading from the same troll handbook and passing it off as genuine complaints.

    Pretty pathetic really.

  • It was an awesome movie, forget the critics Bullshit, two things wrong, cgi in like 4 scenes was wtf lol, and why cut it so short!!! I wanted more! All the hero's are well represented, and the supporting cast was great too. Hope Ben stays on, can't wait for extended cut.

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