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  • I'm just gonna say it.

    Every hero is good

  • Frash, I challenge you to do Widowmaker only! It's really not that hard and she isn't as unviable on console as you think she may be. Once I got my settings down, I was able to make it to Masters as her with a controller.

  • "I Shouldn't be drinking during this…"
    "Are you drinking?"
    "Ah, I don't care. I Hanjo."

  • Nice to see you back at Overwatch, but wondering if you're planning on checking out some of the stuff you missed at Blizzcon like the WoW cinematic and some of the overwatch stuff?

  • I never play comp on Overwatch it's too scary

  • I love your content keep upp with your good things

  • All i do is play hanzo and i managed to place diamond

  • I hate playing Hanzo, his playstyle is so boring to me :p (and his personality as well)

  • I wish I could afford overwatch šŸ˜­

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