In this video, we discuss “How To Manifest Your Desires Using Water | Law Of Attraction Water Experiment”. On this channel, we share everything law of attraction and creating a business and life that’s meaningful. Click ‘show more’ below for advance law of attraction training.

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Video Kecelakaan Pencurian Kebakaran Kasus Lucu Hantu


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  • I actually used this technique to cultivate self-love, it def is a very powerful thing to use
    Always happy to see another video made by yu, have a great day <3

  • So weird that you put this on today. Earlier on TODAY I told myself all I'm drinking from Monday to Friday next week is water! No coffee, tea or alcohol…just water. This is not a coincidence to me. This is a sign that I have to stick to what I said! Thank you 😊

  • I am able to manifest by eating a bagel and cream cheese (chives enhance the experience) each morning. To safeguard this valuable tool from being stolen it is a good idea to put lox on the bagel as protection.

  • This manifestation thing is crazy. The VERY NEXT DAY day after I subscribed to your YouTube channel you followed me on Instagram lmao. How I attracted you as a follower will always be a mystery to me 😆. This video is deep btw. Thank you. 😊

  • It's a weird technique but it works and just a question have you ever tried any hypnosis techniques many athletes use it for success I have noticed many people use it for quick Weight loss and other things like overcoming social awkwardness

  • Nice guy but your dentures are a little too long.

  • We needed this!! Thank you! We subscribed to your channel.

  • I read in a book that the crystallization of the water is 10% at refrigerator temperature and 100% at freezing. I believe he was talking about the conversion to a six sided molecule cluster. The book was called 'Reverse Aging' by Sang Wang.

  • No where in the bible does it say we blessed the food because that's paganistic, what they did is they gave thanks to God for the food never asked for it to be blessed because the food itself is already blessed by God.

  • Just came back with an "heavy metal concert" with my band, and saw this video…

  • Perfect Video on this 11~11 Day! Thank You Spiritual Sage 💫 Peace & Abundant Blessings

  • Maybe this is why when people go on water fasts, they reverse chronic illnesses and totally detox their bodies.

  • Get a water distiller, get pink himalayan rock salt – half a teaspoon of the salt per 4 litres of distilled water. Pure water with all needed minerals and electrolytes. Eaaasyyyy.

  • "What the bleep do we know" is on Amazon Prime movie list.
    not available on Netflix

  • Thank you c:
    This is great, i like 9.5 pH

  • What type of water filter do you use?

  • great video my dude i've learned so much from you very grateful for what you do

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