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  • Here's my Justice League Post Credits Scene video. A very comic book-y moment and a very world-building moment. I also included the alternate deleted scene ending references I think they changed. Posting my Arrow Deathstroke video next and Spoilery Justice League Review tomorrow 🙂

  • Was it not the joker who broke him out?

    The guy in the cell looked like he had been hit with joker toxin to me.

  • Darkseid supports the Injustice League…

  • I think they're doing the DCEU too disordered. They should do what marvel did (introducing all the characters and then de team movie)

  • I feel them. They don’t want to rush Darkseid.

  • Guys, you don’t always need to listen to the rotten tomatoes. This movie was actually pretty good, but that’s my opinion. We all have our own opinions. You should follow your opinions instead of others

    That’s all I have to say.

  • I hope they make a way for the Justice league recruit Martian man hunter, because u cant have a justice league without your main man Martian man Hunter, am i right fellows?

  • They missed the opportunatety to have superman wear the black suit. He couldve flew back to the spaceship in the arctic and found the suit in there.

  • Tbh. What if they aren't going to do a legion of doom? What if they're going to do a JUSTICE LEAGUE VS SUICIDE SQUAD movie? Think about it. Remember Bruce Wayne told Amanda Waller to shut down the SUICIDE SQUAD or else he & his "friends" are going to shut it down for them. This could be possible but I like the idea of the LEGION OF DOOM as well but JUSTICE LEAGUE VS SUICIDE SQUAD would be a better route since there is more villains & more likely more villains to be added to the roster as well in the 2nd film.

  • … did no one hear stepenwolf say darkseid no offense but tho

  • When i watched the second post credit scene most people already left

  • It is so weird that at 3:15 Darkseid is just non-chalantly in a photo op with the Injustice League.

  • So… if this confirms another justice league movie, and if ben affleck will be replaced, what will happen!? I hope ben sticks to the bat, it just doesn’t make sense to be replaced so fast.

  • It's pretty clear Zack Snyder got the memo from head office: We're not making 'art' here. We're making Big Macs. We want predictable product pumped out from a standardized template. So no more complexity, philosophical themes, beautiful cinematography and unconventional interpretations of these characters set in 'real world' environments. Just give us hokey cliches, brainless tropes, jokey ironic dialogue and stock characters. We don't want proper 'films' with heroes in them. We want 'superhero movies': big, dumb and profitable.

  • Me, my dad, and 2 Strangers were the only ones in the theater and when the last post credit scene came, my dad said “It’s Deadpool” but when they showed his whole body and he had an eye patch, a scream “SLADE”

  • How do you choose your winners? They all seem like guys who win :/

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